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Z A  R  I  A    B  O  U  R  N E

a s p i r i n g   p r o   g o l f e r

Zaria Bourne has started her journey using golf to learn, grow, succeed and influence; although Zaria currently in her Year 9 at high school, hasn't decided exactly on her future. 
She does, however, know one thing; that using her knowledge gained on the golf course will create the conveyer belt for her journey to success. 
Zaria started swinging a golf club at age 4 as her brother liked it, so she did it too. Her father Brendan also plays golf and started learning two years before the children were born. Since then, focus turned to the family enjoying golf as a great outdoor activity
that has some great health benefits.
Although her parents have committed hours of patience on golf courses with a lot of kilometres walked together, this would not have such an enjoyable journey without a great coach. 

Zaria has been coached by Andy Sams since she was 5 years old. Brendan, drilled holes throughout a Junior 7 iron golf club until it was light enough for Zaria to swing it, from there Andy has been part of the family. Zaria listens and respects him so much and his style accommodates young children to develop and be successful. 
Andy will build a younger team of successful golfers that can represent the club, there is no doubt, and when he does, Zaria would like nothing more than to inspire other younger girls to play golf.

Chris Vlok also introduced himself to Zaria. Chris was a successful Driver in Motorsport that used his Kiwi skill to succeed abroad and as a mentor that offers inspiration, this will be a partnership that can only breed further success in the world, not just in NZ.

Quietly determined, Zaria likes to express her passion while playing golf, by being the very best she can be. She is always competitive, having won a majority of 1st place awards last year in Year 8 at her primary school. As a result, she was presented with the Girls' Sports Award at her school in 2021. 
She also went onto win her first Senior Women's Club Championship at her club, being the smallest competitor and by far the youngest, in fact the youngest ever in the 83 year club history boy or girl to win a senior title. 

She has been interviewed by our National TV who sent a comedian to come visit and play with her, which was broadcasted on National TV at primetime viewing. 

Zaria also played a Provincial senior competition, when she was 12 with Momoka Kobori, a Canterbury women's golfer now successful on the Australasian tour and international tour. 
This helped Zaria believe she could also be great one day. They came second to MaddieMay and Amelia Garvey (now a LPGA player). 

Momoka went to Pepperdine University with Amelia so this part of the Journey could well
be for Zaria, except Zaria's main dream is for Lydia Ko to be her mentor and offer her advice
and guidance as Zaria represents NZ abroad somehow utilising golf. 
Zaria likes to think that she is similar to her hero Lydia, as in her early years was also quiet, 
putting her personality into golf. 
When watching the LPGA on TV, Nelly Kordia is the second favourite on the list behind Lydia Ko.

Zaria, with her favourite colours of pink and purple, and love for clothes and shoes, would love to start a brand of clothing that inspires younger female golfers, hoping to influence more girls to play golf. Zariagolf is her idea to track her journey as a brand that will be developed as the journey continues. 

Zaria would be standing beside her trundler and bag that is nearly bigger than her with up to 8 Men golfers awaiting their turn at the tee, this is intimidating for a shy young girl taking on this sport. We have experienced the shock and horror of this, the good news is we have a cure for this anxiety that young children face. You commit, you stand confident, and you smash your golf ball straight down the fairway. Many times have other golfers stopped to point out a small child is on their course, to then further witness and comment, “Did you see that she hit it higher than me?”.

Zaria has experienced so many challenges thanks to the sport of golf, once overcome the confidence this breeds to a quiet person is priceless. We look forward to the journey ahead for Zaria to learn, grow, succeed and influence. 

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